Killing time

With all this new snow, surely it seems fitting to make your way up the mountain. That's what I thought until a warm swoosh of air just wandered on in, making itself comfortable and effectively providing us with that classic west coast plus 3 degree cement powder we all love. So here we are. The days of sitting at the comp are back, killing time until it snows again. I'm confident almost everyone seeks refuge among the infinite sea of youtube videos when they're bored, or whatever comes and goes at Transworld, Newschoolers, Push, Myfreepaysite, Neopets, whatever you're into. But what happens when you're bored of just watching and watching? What happens when the videos run out? Well usually its a sign to get out and do something, but for those of you who fail to acknowledge such information, feel free to try out Gnarshmallow!


I'm not going to show you how to play it. No it's nothing fancy. Yes it's highly addictive. This game has proven to be one of the best excuses for why you didn't do anything the other night. Yes it's been around for a while now, making its debut several months back as a pre-season stoke machine, but in terms of killing time, not only does it prevail, you have to use your fingers and ummmm... your mind I guess. Hey that's a bonus, right?

So here's to being antisocial and eyes more square than your tv.