DEW it up! Freeski Slopestyle

With all this pow we've had recently up Grouse Mountain, its easy to forget about shredding park. For those of you in need of a little "reminder" of whats going down these days, look no further than the antics that took place this weekend at the second stop of the Winter Dew Tour at Mount Snow, Vermont. With a slopestyle course manicured to near perfection, the level of riding on Saturday was absolutely absurd. For a little run down of course check this POV cam by the one and only Tom Wallisch provided by the good people over at

As you can see, the course provided riders with everything needed to make for a contest full of flippy-spinny tomfoolery. Alexis Godbout held down third place with some bangers like a 630 off, right side 900, left 900, and switch left 900.

Making it all look easy was PK Hunder in second place. PK has been slaying the competition scene so far this season. Its tough to imagine that a run with a 360 switch up, switch on to rodeo 450 off, right side 720, switch left 900, and left 1080 could only conjure up a second place. PK appeared to have a little difficulty dropping into the second axis on his patented double cork 1080 which may have hurt his score slightly.

The double cork aside, PK's run was still no match for first place winner, JF Houle. JF threw down some of the most technical rail tricks ever seen in competition (450 on switch up 450 out, huge 630 out, nose butter 270 on pretzel out) combined with a right side 720, left 900 and switch left 1080, JF and undoubtedly deserved the win...just watch the video.

So kids, let this be an inspiration to you! Get out there and practice up! The Quiksilver park is coming together nicely with three decent sized jumps on the left side. The rails, when not buried in pow, are perfect for getting those 270s, pretzels and k-feds down. Get practicing because the second Oakley Night Jam is coming up on January 23!

See ya up there,