Back to the Future.

So it goes,  new anything will get you stoked.  New socks, stoked.  New season of ‘Lost’, stoked.  New snowboard, you gotta be kidding me.  So i’ve been riding a piece of the future these days. My new set up has been a ‘2010 Rome Postermania 1985’ of the 153 variety. (sorry, a lot of dates and numbers for you to get your head around kids, just try to pay attention). This board sports the new camber back from 1985, which is reverse camber?  The board has rocked my world for about 8 days of shred thus far, tonight will be another notch on it’s sidewall. Thought I’d post a photo if any shreds out there want to see what will be in shops next fall.  Regardless, Grouse Mountain is a great time no matter what you’re riding. So to recap. 

New = Stoked. 

Rome 2010 = you gotta be kidding me. 

Grouse Mountain = Great time. 

Lost = New season starts January 21st.