T's in January... I'm Loving It!

This winter has been quite the weather reporters dream, especially in BC, but more specifically Vancouver. We went from a mild and wet fall to a freezing cold -20 with wind chill in mid December all the while being pounded with snow. Vancouver, in the city received roughly 100cm of the fluffy white stuff in December, and let me say… the city was not prepared (nor were its citizens), but it sure was perty to look at. And so here where we are wearing t-shirts in mid-January thanks to a temperature inversion. If you’re not sure what a temperature inversion is, the kind folks at wikipedia.org describe it as: ‘an increase in temperature with height, or to the layer within which such an increase occurs’.


There is nothing like a temperature inversion, you wake up its grey, ugly and cold so you think it’s like that everywhere, but when you get about halfway up the mountain you are pleasantly surprised with blue skies and a warmer temperatures the higher you go. The city is covered and you feel as if you are on another planet, standing on top of the mountain looking out at a sea of clouds.

If you have the chance try and make your way up one of the local Vancouver ski hills over the next couple days as it is supposed to remain an inversion until possibly Monday or Tuesday.