Alright, dudes and duddettes. Heres a bit of an update from myself. From Wednesday until now, the weather has been unbelievable. With Cashens and cjs description i dont think I need to describe much else, other then the sunsets!!!! Now how can you forget about that. Well here is a photo I shot of Liam Casey on January 14th, somewhere between 5 and 5 30 pm.

[caption id="attachment_824" align="alignnone" width="585" caption="Liam Casey - Quiksilver Park Sunset"]Liam Casey - Quiksilver Park Sunset[/caption]

Shooting sunsets has to be the most difficult time to shoot. Running back and forth every 30 seconds to adjust settings, and yell at your rider to hurry the ____ up. With about 30 minutes of useable time. Getting the correct shot with only a few laps can get pretty stressful. On top of that, I found out earlier that day my camera is half broken, and now I can't adjust ANYTHING! So on to warranty it goes.

Liam managed to pull in probally around 8 tries or so during this time, so I give him big props on that. Running up the hill half the time got him pretty beat tired. With that shoot behind us, I managed to go lock up my camera gear, and hit up some laps. A couple runs in we met up with James Anderson, Maxwell Buchanan, Peter Hunter, and Joe Mickelson. Joe took out le video, and we had a pretty successful night with that. Over the past month, ive seen alot of talent start coming out of Grouse Mountain. Skiers, and Snowboarders are really stepping up their game lately, and its getting harder and harder to keep up with it.

The day after, I got to meet cj, hes a pretty nice, chill guy, whos really got some moves behind himself. Shot a couple photos with him, and Dan Jonas, during another sunset, exactly the same as the night before. While packing up from that night, I realized the pastel like drawing over the Vancouver fog. Its a pretty neat effect if you havent seen it before.  With the lights from the city coming through the clouds in different colors, it really is quite the scene. 

One more thing, before I get back to studying..  I am giving a big shout out to EVERYONE on the crew of Grouse Mountain Park.  They have put every effort into this park over the past few weeks, and it has really paid off.  Do me a favour, and go tell them how awesome things are right now.  They will really appreciate it, and they will return with more fun times to come.

 Scott Titterington