Houston, we have liftoff...

Hellllllo everyone!!!! Ok so I have had a whirlwind of a week and some great things have happened and some not so great things have happened.  The not so great things consisted of me catching mono, tonsulitious and strep throat and having to be in the hospital for 2 days…luckily I am out now and we can get back to business.  The thing that really pushes my buttons is now my back surgery has to be moved because they wont cut you open when your sick cause your immune system is weak and they don’t want you to die… they have their reasons.  

The good news is I have finally set up a vimeo+ account so videos are a go, I have like 4 ready to put up, including the video below from the first Oakley Night Jam back on December 19th/08.  I also talked to Future Shop about my camera and it should be back in a week which is sick cause then we will be back in business fo real!!!

[vimeo 2891683]

Enjoy my friends, its been a long time coming.

See you on the slopes,