Above the fog

Now I know it's been said way too many times already, but if you get the chance, head up the mountain!!! I completely took for granted how good it was until I was above the clouds. dscn00021

I had a few hours to kill before work on Monday, so I thought I'd push a couple laps through the Quiksilver Park. And what a treat it was! BIG up to the park crew; these guys have done a sick job at putting together what seems to be one of the best parks I've hit in a while on Grouse Mountain, and I'm sure many of you will agree. Anyways I met up with a friend and his buddy and managed to muck around, remembering that I still had my camera in my pocket. As you've probably seen in Scott's photo (which by the way blew me away), this weather provides some epic light, be it day or night.



Anyways do yourself a favour and get up the hill! This weather is only going to last a few more days, so beat the clouds, the fog and the weird temps in the city, and head up for some mid-Jan spring skiing.