Ian Cosco's "Chug Life"

Hiya Peoples! Coming atcha today with a bit of comedic relief and some vids that will probably make you laugh and roll around on the floor if you’re like me.  Cam did an update about video blogs and he showed us all about Jon Olsson’s blog and what you can do with a lot of money and when you have your own filmer who follows you around.  This video blog I am going to share with you belongs to a dude named Ian Cosco. 

Ian is from Vernon, BC and he has to do it all himself, and he does a darn good job and makes it hilarious.  The blog is titled “Chug Life” and it follows Ian and all of his “pro” friends as they ski anywhere and everywhere.  Highlights include funny ski style, party antics and just plain hanging out and them being silly. So enjoy!!!!

Ian Cosco's Chug Life, Episode 1

***Editor's Note*** For Episode 2, just follow the link from Episode 1



P.S. Oakley Night Jam on Friday, January 23rd/09 be there!!!!!!