Just some thangs to talk about...

Coming at you today with a quick one for your viewing enjoyment.  Alright so first thing is a music related topic.  I was watching MTV news last night and I heard something crazy that kinda blew my mind: Lil Wayne is coming out with a Rock N’ Roll album titled “Rebirth” that is set to drop April 7th/09.  The first single “Prom Queen” has been leaked onto the internet and you can find it on downloaders such as Limewire.  If you are open to new things, check this out, I think its super cool and I can’t wait for the album.   On another note I got a nice little Facebook message from Mr. Rod Caula, owner of Choice Apparel, and he sent me a quick edit he made from the Quiksilver Park.  Just so you guys know, once I have my camera back I will be doing a profile on some smaller companies such as Choice Apparel, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/3019472]


I know there have been a couple of build days in the park which led to closures but keep in mind it is a good thing, just cause you can’t ride that day doesn’t mean the end of the world.  With Shaw Butterworth in the cat, magic is being made in the Quiksilver Park and I have a feeling he has some amazing stuff in store for us, so don’t complain about closures cause the park is just going to get twice as sick, and you have to give up a little to get a little.  

Keep it fresh and eat your veggies,