Going green and a few words

After the introduction of this years Flat Kick Technology in the limited release of the Horrorscope, FK tech will be introduced in a few more models in Capita's line next year. 2 of these new boards include the new Directional Pow board, the Charlie Slasher FK which also has an intriguing shape, and the Green Machine, Capita's take on the Green Movement in the industry, the Green Machine is a centered park influenced board that is available in both camber and reverse camber FK. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Charlie Slasher FK"]Charlie Slasher FK[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Green Machine FK"]Green Machine FK[/caption]

My schedule has been quite hectic, going to school full time and riding 6 days a week takes a major toll on your body and mind. I guess this is just a reminder from personal experience, if you are feeling tired at the end of the day, please don't go huck yourselves off rails or jumps. Trying to impress someone won't make you cool. Take it easy and enjoy the last runs of the day, its much better to enjoy snowboarding than to suffer from a stupid fall. Getting hurt is the last thing you want to do after a long and progressive day of riding. Take a breather, fresh legs means stomped landings.


Get yourselves up to Grouse Mountain! The parks are going off right now! After the sick boardercross event that took place in the Rookie Terrain Park last week, Grouse Mountain Park Staff have updated the Rookie Park while including some features and concepts from the boardercross course. There are features for every skill level and I've never seen the Rookie Park this fun.

Meanwhile, the Quiksilver Park is going through another park build! Both of Grouse's famed down flat down rails; the Tram Rail (note the same dimensions as the staircase at the bottom of the tram) and the mellow down flat down are both in and provide much entertainment for everyone. (PS. They are easier than they look.) The 4 jump line is in the process of being completed and should be done by Monday or Tuesday, so if you ever see any Park Staff (Look for their black jackets, blue pants and white helmets), don't be afraid to go say hi, or ask them to rake a takeoff, and definately say thanks for the wonderful park. A thank you can go a long way in today's society. Thanks guys!

Here is a free video from Action Horse Films. Some of you may have seen it and for those that haven't, you shall now be entertained for 28 minutes and 13 seconds. This free film is funner to watch than more than half of the movies that have a 30 dollar price tag, plus who doesn't love a movie that contains the vibe of the old Robot Food Movies like Afterbang or Lame. Enjoy!!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/2088857]


Here is the new Teaser for Think Thank's new movie Cool Story! I'm digging their new approach.



See you on the hill! I love my friends!