The Greg Jones Interview

So Greg is a good buddy of mine who has settled with a different approach to this whole life/snowboarding theme. Instead of staying in the mainland, and riding the locals just about everyday, he decided to go rock it out in UVIC and show them whats up. Greg knows there is more to life then just snowboarding and I give him major respect for that. While snowboarding is a great aspect, there really is more out there to explore. While attending University for the next 5 years isnt always on some peoples' lists, seeking a path somewhere can be a good start. Mr. Jones isnt a huge name up on Grouse Mountain. Though he gets up a fair share of whatever time he can find to make the journey home and shred with his friends.

So this can be known as a short random sunday night interview I guess.

Scotty: So Greg whats your full name

Greg: gregory dylan jones

Scotty: ever notice your initials are GDJ? They all sort of make the same tones...

Greg: yea haha

Greg: its pretty crazy... like some kinda g'd dj who plays some intense music

Scotty: Thats pretty rad GDJ. now onto some more important questions.... what have you been up to the past couple years since you graduated from from high school?

Greg: um going to school full time at uvic sept- end of april. almost finished my second year. work away my summers try to snowboard in there when i got time. hang out with friends. nothing too exciting

Scotty: how many times have you gotten to come back and ride Grouse Mountain this year?

Greg: ummm a handfull somewhere between 10-15 id say



Scotty: whats your definition of a "silver fox"

Greg: silver fox? sounds like some kind of elusive girl that is impossible to get close to. am i even close?

Scotty: your almost on track. Its actually a babe thats over the age of 50... or well if she has grey hair, that works too

Greg: hahahaha

Scotty: alright, lets keep this PG now

Greg: fair enough

Scotty: sooo ummm when did you first start out?

Greg: start out?

Scotty: snowboarding

Greg: oh way back in the day decided i wanted to go downhill skiing instead of cross country skiiing one year at manning, i went to go rent some gear and saw they had snowboards. always wanted to skateboard but parents wouldnt buy me one so i decided to try to snowboarding. First day I hated life so sore and just sucked. did it the year after and sucked slightly less. then went to grouse with my cousin. Bought a board a year later after going through the biggest hassel renting and started to shred as much as i could

Scotty: you think of yourself as a role model?

Greg: haha maybe... im sure there are plenty of things that i dont set the best examples for kids but on the other hand i try to do what i think is right and if someone wants to put me up there as their role model id be stoked and surprised

Scotty: So how come you chose grouse as the place to ride?

Greg: because i always have fun there. no matter the conditions day of the week or time of day there is always someone awesome to shred with and something fun to do.

Greg: tell grouse i want $1000 cash in my mailbox everymonth after that comment (jokes)

Scotty: haha will do

Greg Jones and Chris Dedinsky ripping it up.



Scotty: So who did you look up to while growing up?

Greg: i'd have to say all those guys in the robot film movies cause they always looklike they are having fun. like travis parker

Scotty: Well thats all i got for tonight dude. Thanks for taking the time to speak with

Greg: haha ok sounds good. Tell everyone ill be seeing them up there real soon.