A Weekend Full of Events

The local scene is going off this weekend with the most action I've seen in years. As you may have already heard, 48 Hours of Winter is set to kick off on Friday, February 13th at 9am.  The event runs until Sunday night at 10pm.  There's a lot going on during those technically 63 hours.  There'll be music, the DC Enjoy the Ride...More Endurance Challenge and  much much more.  For those of you with a significant other, The Observatory is taking bookings for that special day that I can never remember.  If you're like me and don't want to leave the mountain to celebrate and such, just invite your date up to the top of the mountain.  Snowboarding...girlfriend...tough choice.

In addition to 48 Hours of Winter, The 2009 FIS Snowboard World Cup is going to be in town as well.  Making use to the official training venue for the 2010 winter games, the Boardercross (Thursday and Friday) and Halfpipe (Saturday) events will be taking place on Cypress Mountain.  Finally, riders that can actually make use of that monster superpipe.  The line up of shredders is impressive too.  Competition for Candian riders Brad Martin, Crispin Lipscomb, Jeff Batchelor and Justin Lamoureux is sizeable, containing the likes of Shaun White and Danny Kass from the USA, and Japanese sensation Ryoh Aono.  On the women's end of things, top Canadians Maelle Ricker and Dominique Maltais face off with international sensations Torah Bright of Australia and Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter from the USA. There will be no parking on site, except for those that bought one of the 300 spectator tickets.  There are still a bunch available at the West Vancouver Aquatic Center for the Friday and Sunday events, Boardercross and Slalom, respectively.  You didn't actually think the halfpipe tickets would still be around 3 days before the event, did you?

As part of the World Cup, LG is putting on a rail jam on top of Park Royal Shopping Center.  The entire weekend is under the umbrella of the LG Mountain Festival and will feature A-Trak and Team Canada DJ's as part of the entertainment, as well as an invite only City Rail Jam on Friday (qualifying) and Saturday (finals) and Shop Rail Takedown on Sunday.  As an added bonus, LG and Powder Room will be putting on the XOXO Fashion show and Teenie Weenie Bikini show to, and I quote, "Showcase the latest in sexy lingerie and swimwear."  I don't know what that has to do with snowboarding but hey, there'll be plenty of babes.  Oh, and lots of sick riding, so be sure to take some time and go check it out.  Best of all, the cost of admission is the low low price of free.  Shaun White will be on hand with Red Bull for all you little boys and girls that want autographs.

As for the slalom events...well...it's slalom.

I'll be running back and forth between Grouse and Park Royal.  If you see me around, feel free to stop by and say hi.  This is going to be a weekend I won't soon forget.

The Quiksilver Park is sick! Go ride it.