A quick update from Grouse 48 hours

Hey everyone, I am writing this update at 6:33AM after safely coming back from Grouse Mountain, and it was a blast! After arriving at Grouse Mountain around 1 AM, my girlfriend Tanya and I were briefly patted down by security and then boarded the tram welcomed by the best tram driver ever, Mckenzie!! Alot of familiar faces were up and right off the tram we ran into Dave and Lenny of gnarcore.com and did some follow cam laps with them, the crowds were not as bad as we expected and the weather was cooperating very nicely with clear skies and bearable temperatures. We met up with a few of the guys from snakebullet.com and good times were shared by all.

I thought that Grouse management did a very good job of controlling crowds and keeping peace and order and tomorrow night is the beginning of round 2!

Pictures coming soon!

Have fun and be safe!