Snolf and Eggs: 48 Hour Shenanigans

Grouse Mountain's 48 Hours of Winter is going off in some crazy directions but the 48 Hour Story is unfolding at The blogging teams from the DC Enjoy The Ride More event are laying it all out there for the world to see. From The Boardroom's snow caves (and some pretty kick-ass glove warmers)...


(I actually have no idea where that is)... to snolf with Showcase Snowboards... and eggs and morning showers with the guys from The Circle, good times are being had.

Night #2 is getting started... get up there. Busses are running 'round the clock (232 and 236 to Grouse Mountain are running once an hour from midnight to 5am) for those of you who are vehicularly-challenged. Stop by the DC Kitchen in the chalet and then get out there and ride.