A couple goodies from 48 hours

So as you have already heard.  Grouse was pretty darn bangin during the 48 hour sesh.  Most of my time was used either riding the park, hiding in my snowcave, or in the chalet munching out.  Though i did get some time to snap a couple here and there. [caption id="attachment_2578" align="alignnone" width="333" caption="Dan Jonas"]dan-jonas-48-hours[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2577" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="And another one of Dan Jonas"]And another one of Dan Jonas[/caption]

Yes it is a whole week past the event, but better late then never eh! 

Today I went up to check out the "Your looking good" comp at Seymour with Dan Jonas again.  Went and shot some photos of him, and a few other Grouse Mountain locals and pros.  It was a super sunny and hot day.  Pretty much picture perfect day for having a competition with over 150 competitors from all through out Canada. 

On Dan's second run in qualifiers he busted out a perfect nose press on the staircase down bar, then off to a late 3 on the stepdown booter, to a corked out 7 japan.  One of the high end runs in the ametuer category for sure.  As they announced the ametuer finalsists, suprisingly his name was not announced. 

We then proceeded over to Grouse Mountain  at around 2:30 pm to get the last bits of sun.

As we took our first lap through we met up with some Atomic team riders, Paul Welters, and Andrew Jackson.  They were currently shooting with Gonzalo Tudela.  As well Joe Mickelson and Jeremy Cox were shooting some footage for their next flick.  After the sesh on the first table and tram rail, we proceeded to the new huge rail.

This rail is probally one of the biggest and funnest rails ive ever hit.  Spinning out of this thing takes little to no effort.  Id like to give mad props to Dave Cashen for this monster of a creation.

Well now its time for me to go syphon through around 500 pictures from today.

See Ya!

Scott Titterington