New Choice News

Just a quick one today to let you know that my good friend Mr. Rod Caula of Choice Apparel has some new pics of the new t-shirts on his site.  They should be here in about 2 weeks, they look super sick! On another note, Grouse Mountain Pro Team Rider Jenelle Pritchard is also now on the Choice Apparel team which is super sick as well.

Even more good news! My recovery is going very well, and I will be heading to the Okanagan next week to do some filming with Progressive Youth Productions (check out the PYP Facebook Group) and by the time I am back I should be well enough to film on Grouse Mountain on foot, my goal is to be on skis in 4-6 weeks just cruising and being super careful and filming. So fingers crossed! Also after the trip you should be very excited to see PYP’s promo/teaser, it will have a mix of everything from urban to park to pow, so keep the eyes peeled.

Keep it real, Chuckles