The shoot up north...

Well more north than North Vancouver lets say... So to start off here was the crew: Charlie Grinnel Grinnell, Pat King, Graeme Meiklejohn, Spencer Watson, Dan Jonas, Liam Casey, and me Scott Titterington.

So around 3pm Thursday, I jump in my car, and go pick up Liam and Dan from their places in my little GTI.  We managed to pack 3 pairs of skis and a snowboard, filled with cam gear, clothes, and just enough food to survive.  Dan was in the back seat with gear crammed all the way around him, and well suprisingly enough we got a few odd looks on the way up to our first stop Westbank Kelowna.  As we arrived from a 5 hour car ride we met up with the rest of the crew and got straight to work.  The first night was sort of rough due to not skiing or riding for a couple days and starting off with such a gnarly rail.  We still ended up with a couple wicked shots though, and quite a few crashes.

The second day we got out around 11ish and headed out to a handrail which was shot in one of the sandbox movies.  As said by Spence the cops came and luckily enough they didn't have any problem with what we were doing.  I gotta say, I sure wasnt expecting the constables response to sliding a handrail in a residential alley...  Later on that day we basically went to scope out what else was around town, and call it a day.  Getting back to Pat's place around12:30am, we uploaded our footage and went straight to bed.


So Saturday we went full out and headed out by 10 o'clock.  We headed out to a steep handrail by a highschool.  Shortly into the sesh we had a delay due to Dan catching a back edge and concussing himself.  Charlie and Graeme went with him to the hospital as Spencer, Liam and Pat and I finished off this railing, and headed to the next spot.  As Dan and the hospital gang were doing their thing, Liam went to scope out this pretty crazy line a few steps away.  We had some time so we set up the line and shortly later Liam ended up stomping it like nothing.



After we got back from picking the rest up at the hospital we headed back to Pats place to upload footage once again.  Once it got dark we headed up to Apex Mountain and shot a wallride for the most part.  Liam and Spencer were celebraties.  Liam gave some kids a couple Choice Apparel stickers, and Spencer gave away a Napking bandana.  The kids gathered around and cheered them both on while they lit up the wallride.  On the way back we started the generator up and hit some pow laps in the dark 15 feet from the highway which turned into a couple cool pictures. As which ended we headed back to Pat's and slept the night away.

9 30am arrives Sunday and we pack up to go back home to either the Mainland or Whistler since most of us have school or work to get back to Monday.

ps. ill be posting some actual riding pictures in some future posts so keep an eye open!

See Ya for now!   

Scott Titterington