Random Rambles II

Hiya folks,  you know the drill. Fellow blogger Dan Jonas and I were able to get out paws on some 2010 Ride gear to take to Grouse mountain.  With the help of Rodrigo Caula, proprietor of Choice Apparel, and two femmes from Grouse's local J-Crew, Alice Gorton and Sydney Schram, we were able to test the Crush, Machete and DH on the men's side, and the Canvas and Compact on the women's side as well as a bunch of bindings and those crazy light boots.  Keep your eyes peeled for product reviews coming soon.

Speaking of Choice Apparel, the new product was shipped out last Wednesday and the line is officially launched as of March 11th.  If you haven't already done so, hit up the site and get your orders in via email at choiceapparel@hotmail.com!

Some more Choice news.  Grouse Mountain pro team rider, Jenelle Pritchard is the first girl on the Choice team.  Yay!

It's been flaking kittens for the past week and that good ol' west coast snow is covering the mountains.  It's wet, it's heavy, and it's so much fun.  Get out and play in the trees, but don't slow down or get stuck.

Is it just me or is that quarter pipe amazingly fun?  Good job, park crew.

I currently have no park board due to base delamination.  Lucky for me, it's been pow so I've been able to get my 159 out of retirement.  Anyone wanna help me out with something a little/a lot smaller?

I'm going to be sitting down with the founder of Spacecraft Clothing, Stefan Hofmann, for an interactive interview this weekend.  For those that haven't heard, Spacecraft is an art project using clothing as a medium.  Go and check it out.  The product is sick and the art is even better.  They're currently based out of Bali and keep a grassroots feel to everything they do.  Pacific Boarder will be carrying the spring line, so make sure you go and take a look.  I'll have more on Spacecraft in the next couple days.

Shreddies for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,