Scott Afterbang Contest

Afterbang: After landing a sick skiing trick you ride away all steezy and relaxed. Some people thinks this makes them look extra talented. -


Scott USA respects that when you stomp a trick, you chuck in your favorite afterbang. Whether or not you know it, we make sick gloves.

In recognition of claimers worldwide, we want you to see your best afterbangs. And we’d be even more stoked to see you throw your hands in the air in proper claiming fashion (cause you definitely will once you are rocking some SCOTT gloves in victory).

Whoever has the best afterbang (some high hands so we can see your gloves will definitely help your chances) will win some SCOTT goods. Submit your best afterbang edit to and the top ten will win SCOTT gear.

Winners will be chosen by Scott athletes; Dane Tudor, Ian Cosco, Nick Martini, Henrik Lampert, Michelle Parker, Keri Herman, Alex Schlopy etc.

So it's all about the ride away. It's that simple. Stomp and ride away with style and you could score yourself some wicked Scott swag, including a pair of 173 P3 skis. Dope!

Head over to to find out how to enter.

In case you've been living under a rock for the last few years and don't quite know how to 'bang, or you need a little inspiration, check this video of one of the best afterbangers in the game, Jon Brogan:


Note the ride away...bangin.