Showdown from a different point of view!

Hello everyone! Here is a quick update from Showdown Over The City, but in a different way. All the dudes in this video are from a group called Family Tree and they were all there for the contest, however they found the rookie and quik parks pretty fun… check it!



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We had an awesome shoot yesterday on the showdown course as well, Mr. Liam Casey himself was putting double flips to his feet but they just managed to get away from him, we may be allowed to have another crack later in the week, keep it locked and loaded to and because I know he will stick a few if he gets the chance. Also big props to pro team rider Spencer Watson, he overshot the jump, landing at about 15 feet from the flat bottom, that’s a huge fall! And he got up and walked away, so props!

PYP and, the perfect combination!