Grouse Park Sessions Gets a Facelift

Welcome to the all new Grouse Park Sessions! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="233" caption="Photo: Scott Titterington"]Photo: Scott Titterington[/caption]

To celebrate how awesome this blog has become thanks to our dedicated crew of Grouse Park Blogospondents, we've upgraded and given a fresh new look and a few new features. We'll be adding more over the next while so we'll keep in touch via this blog and our Grouse Mountain Terrain Parks Facebook Page.

For those of you who have just recently discovered this corner of the interwebs, I bring you the top 10 Grouse Park Sessions blog posts:

Top 10 Grouse Park Posts

#10 - Capita Snowboards: Super Scary Corporation #9 - Candide Kamera #8 - Park Projects #7 - Ride Snowboards: Always DFC #6 - Reverse Camber: Snowboarding's New Black #5 - SIA! #4 - Random Rambles I #3 - MGT Spreads the Shred #2 - Union Binding Company: 2010 Sneak Peek #1 - Dissection! feat. Line Afterbang