New PYP Edit and other goodies!

What you sayin’! Chuck here, just letting you know about the new PYP edit, check it out and show all of your friends, we have some big plans in the works so hold tight and prepare to be stoked!! Make sure you get up Grouse Mountain very soon, Shaw Butterworth has been making magic from the snowcat and you will see a five table L-XL line in the park, that is unheard of on the North Shore… so thanks Shaw for all your hard work!

Also check out where the 40 box has been moved to, as well has the down rail from Showdown over the City is up and running now.  One last thing, the new up-flat-down or battleship rail has also been installed where the 40 box used to be… I am not posting any photos so you guys get up there and see it yourself!

Bright sun, great friends and a sick park, what more do you need?



Keep it real,