Office Booyz!

Office BoyzThe good folks over at Malakye are bringing the Office Booyz contest series out to Grouse Mountain on Thursday, April 9th.  All you shop boys and girls out there are invited and riding in free for the first 100 enterants.  Incidentally, that's also the rider cut off, so get there between 8-10:30 am to get registered.  The contests goes till 2 pm, or till whenever you get tired of riding.  This is a good chance for all of you out there that are looking to connect with some industry people, have a good time or sneak some free donuts to do any or all of those things.  There should be an update on the event from one of the other bloggers.  I'll be missing out, but I'm sure it'll be a great time, so make sure you get up there to check it out. The reasons I'm missing out is that fellow blogger CJ and I are headed to Big White for the day.  I'll be riding some 2010 Stepchild product, so be sure to check back near the end of the month when all the goods we tested will be started to get posted! Sorry, final exams get in the way of writing and riding.

Get out on your skate if you can't get on the snow!