Grouse Park : Rookie Park Update

The fun factor at the Grouse Mountain Rookie terrain park has increased by a very large number.  After the build for the Office Booyz contest, the rookie park is looking better than it has all season...or ever, for that matter.  There's a quarter pip/spine, two tires to do whatever you want on them, filing cabinets and desks to jib, boxes setup in a C formation, a whale tail to down box combo and an exquisitely manicured jump to top it all off.  I was going to take pictures of some of the features for you, but I was having the most fun riding park I've had all year. I'd suggest going up and checking it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed. Props to the park crew! Additionally, the Quiksilver terrain park now has a FIVE hit jump line. What!? Yea, you heard right, the jump set up is so amazing right now.  No more needing to straight line from the lifts! Throw up a big ol' whoop whoop for Shaw Butterworth and his jump building!

I should be studying for exams, but after riding today, I'm pretty sure I'll be spending all weekend in the parks.  You should too!

Don't hate, just ride,