We have a slight change of plans...

Hey Errbody, If your still reading this, great, because I plan to be blogging all summer long with some very entertaining antics.

So here is what is going on in my life:  Liam Casey and I were supposed to goto Mammoth to do some shooting with 4bi9 in Mammoth's SUPERPARK but it was very last minute and poor planning led to Liam and I driving to Centralia, Washington (90 Miles outside of Portland) and driving back in one day, FML!  

Alright so we have been back for a couple of days now, I have been busy ORGANIZING (haha this time I will plan) the trip to Mt. Hood with Surface Skis.  May 30th to June 11th PYP will be at Mt. Hood shooting for the end of season project we have been working on as well as doing some shooting for the wonderful people at Surface.  For all you film nerds out there, my 35mm adapter now fits on my camera and the footage looks amazing.  For errbody else who doesn't know what a 35mm adapter does, click here.  So after Mt. Hood, I have some stuff that I will be doing with Alterna so keep your eyes open for that.  

Also after Mt. Hood, we will be shooting some more stuff on the glacier in Whistler as well as some biking with a good buddy of PYP's, Mr. Eric Lawrenuk, Mr. Mark Mathews and Mr. Jordie Lunn.  It may not be ski and board content, but trust me, these guys are amazing on a bike, and even more amazing off the bike...  There will also be updates on how the end of season thing is going, maybe another teaser as well.  I plan to do daily updates while in Mt. Hood as well.

Ok so now my hands are tired from typing because I can't actually type, I finger poke, so cut me some slack for stopping.....NOW!