Random Happenings

Hey All, I will now be interning with Alterna Films so the content on here will be more frequent and fun!  Just on a side note, Alterna is having a sale on some of their camera gear, there is a chance for some awesome package deals for some of the best gear you can get!  They will also throw in some free DVD's, if anyone is interested, send me an email to charlie@grousepark.com.  

A new PYP edit will be on here ASAP, it is done, just needs to be uploaded to the internet.  We are also going to do a complete overhaul of the old PYP site so that will be sick.  PYP goes to Mt. Hood in t-minus 17 days, so get ready to get rocked! Just kidding, but no seriously, there will be some awesome content that you wouldn't be able to see anywhere else, funny stuff coming folks!