Pre-Season fun.

After a long awaited absence, we’re back, with word again for another season. Only barely into November and already we're being teased by snow on the mountain.  With each new panel cut and each weld grinded down, we're going full force in the pre-season. With ambitious goals and full support from Grouse Mountain, it's feeling like the sky’s the limit. Of course, Mother Nature sets the hands on the clock and each moment ticks a little closer to opening day. awaiting railsmodified S RailQuiksilver Park

We began work this season in mid September. Re-building and even re-designing many of the features you know and love to keep it as fresh as possible. With any luck you wont be recognizing much of the park this year… a little warning now though… our motto for the season is faster and blacker…

new recycled rail

rainbow rail

rail work

So if you haven’t already, break out the skate and get those legs warm. And when it rains, pop in your favorite videos or some skate2 to get those double corks on lock, because before you know it those bears will be hibernating and the chairs will be turning…

Warmest Regards in this Pre-season season


Shaw and Chris