To Be 13 Again...

PG>13 header Hey all you ski groms,

Turning 19 means you're legal in BC.  21 means you're legal in the States. 18 means you're legal all around the world EXCEPT the States and Canada.  But, if you're younger than 13, you could have a shot at being the next K2 grom.  Remember Sean Petit?  See how he blew up?  You could be k2's next Sean Petit., Sean Petit and K2 Skis bring you the PG>13 contest.  It's simple. If you're younger than 13, get a video together, send it in and you could will a FULL sponsorship from K2 Skis.  Note that I said full sponsorship, just just a free pair.  You get to give your input about design and all that fun stuff.  Make your way over to and get your video in. Oh, and Sean picks the winner.  I think that's all you need to know. Now go filming.