Introducing the 2009/2010 Grousepark Blogospondants

10 Bloggers After a lot of discussion over the past couple weeks, we here at are excited to introduce the our 5 blogospondants for the 2010 season. It was hard narrowing it down to just 5 with the depth of applications we got this year. But, without further ado, here there are.

  • Alice Gorton
  • Eric Beckstead
  • Jason Macfarlane
  • Jeremy Cox
  • Richard Loat

I'm really excited to see what this season holds for these 5 bright, talented and young minds. If last year was good, our goal is to make this year fan-freaking-tastic, so you'll want to keep your interwebs locked for all things board and ski related from people that live and breathe all things snow. Except for yellow snow, hopefully no one lives and breathes that.

You'll be getting a short introduction from each of them in the upcoming week so let you know who they are. We have a bunch of locals, but some new faces to the Grouse Park scene as well. So, lady and gentlemen, welcome to Strap in and kick it!