New napKING Website: In Time for Christmas!

Hey all, You may have already started compiling your Christmas wish lists and such. Maybe you have the new Forza game for XBox, or a new tall hoodie, or a new setup, new googles etc. But what about your face!? What about all those chilly days on the hill with cloth 'danas that get frozen and never seem to stay on right, or leave little holes that fog up your goggles? No worries, pencil a napKING accessory onto that list of yours and hand it over to mom and/or dad...I mean, Santa, along with the link to the new website AND online shop!  For only $19.99, these sick facial accessories will a) make you more desirable to the opposite sex and b) not burn a hole in your wallet. Win win.

[caption id="attachment_2893" align="aligncenter" width="405" caption="Team Rider Spencer Watson Doubles Up!"]Team Rider Spencer Watson Doubles Up![/caption]

Big ups to Pat King!

Cheers, Samwise