Happy Holidays

With the holidays wrapping up, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and will have a great New Years.  While wandering the internet from Birmingham, England, I have stumbled upon Transworld's Top 5 Snowboard Tricks.  Wether your up the mountain or looking for Boxing Day deals, you should be sure to check out these videos. In 5th place: Outta Nowhere Rail Skills, 50-50 to front 3 back to  50-50: Ethan Deiss

[vimeo 7252361 560x400]

In 4th Place: Wrecking Rails - Jed Anderson’s back 1 to switch nosepress to switch back 1 out.

[vimeo 7944251 560x400]

In 3d Place: Backcountry Double-corks

[vimeo 5998266 560x400]

In 2nd Place: My personal favorite Dan Brisse's Urban Death Gap


And in 1st Place Shaun White's Double Corks


Happy Holidays