Part 1 - Killin' Rainy Days

And so, with another dreary day comes a new blog (this being part 1 of 3), the brainchild of Tom and myself as we daydreamed our way through the rain. Even though the weather is not the best and can ensure sadness in the best of attitudes, we are trying to stay positive and are doing our best to keep this wet little park going. Obvious apologies for the removal of features, but when nature eases up things will be better than ever. Until then…..

…..some of our favorite skate video parts (because there’s always a dry underground to roll around in)

Bob Burnquist’s part from Extremely Sorry, which rocked my world recently.  Keep an eye for what’s switch and what’s regular.

[youtube 1BbowZEo7XU 560x333]

Mike Mo Capaldi from Fully Flared.  Tom's pick.

[youtube 7tx6JTy8t9k 560x333]

Richie Jackson of Death Skateboards, for all you bearing tight pants and fancy shirts.

[youtube JlO4sTKkeT8 560x333]

Louie Barletta in Bag of Suck.  This one comes from Lift supervisor Mike Henry, he knows what’s up.

[youtube k178lfV40yE 560x333]

Had to cut the list we came up with in half to keep this post manageable (because I got two more coming!), but should this rain keep up, more skate vids to come!

All our love,

Chris, Tom and all the park fellas