Part 2 - The List

For post part two, we thought we’d poke a little fun (and awareness!!!) towards the lameness that is injuries(seeing as you guys aren’t missing anything in the park)… So, some shout outs include:

Andrew Nicoletti(park crew)-broken collarbone

Marcus Cartwright(park crew)-tweaked sciatica/strept throat

Trint Thomas(park volley)-broken collarbone

Pascal Schram(local die hard)-broken collarbone

Ryan Belich(park crew)-fractured wrist

Alice Gorton(Blogospondent)-broken wrist

These were just a couple from the past few weeks off the top of our heads, and we know there are tons more out there so we are encouraging everyone to keep this “list of sadness and despair” going and maybe throw a line or two of the story behind them as that’s always the best part….

Stay safe,

Park Crew