Part 3 - Uptown Riot

And now for part 3. The inspiration behind this post came at approximentley 2 o’clock when Conrad came in for the evening park shift. For those of you who don’t know, C-rad, as he’s affectionately known, plays a mean bass guitar for one of Van City’s finer punk bands, and seeing as how he couldn’t come up with any more skate vids or injury’s for the list, it just made sense to do a blurb on the band. They’re called Uptown Riot and have shared the stage with the likes of S.N.F.U and the U.K. Subs. I personally have stumbled through about half a dozen of their shows and can assure you that they wail. They are soon to be recording a full length album with limited number of vinyl prints. So check ‘em out now before they get all big and famous and you cant afford their shows anymore... Uptown Riot

Also here are a couple more of Conrad’s recommended local bands….there’s no excuse not to get up, get out and embrace the music…

The Winston Campaign,  Jones Bones, Blackjacket, Real Problems, The Jolts, China Creeps, Dead Voices (formerly Rio Bent), Joyce Collingwood,  Raised by Apes, Scarstruck,  Blacked Out, Impeders of Progress, Picking on Toddlers, The Fight United and Downtown Deathscream.