The Mug Shot Blog

It's time for you Grousepark viewers to get to know the faces that frequent Grouse Mountain. Here are some mug shots from this season. First up we have Corey Mcintosh.  This kid is killing it on the hill, keep your eyes on him as he is definitely going somewhere in snowboarding. Mug_Corey

A frequent in my blogs and another kid blowing up this year, Shayan the brown man. Mug_Shayan

You might recognize this guy from a personal blog I did on him, but he's worth mentioning more than once. Here is the mean mug of Ben Neil.


Next we have our friend from Eastern Europe, Eduard Mikulcik. He also answers to Halldor Hellgason and might really be from Iceland.


Up next is Bryce Mclean, the one other tight pant skier who frequents Grouse. Mug_Bryce

Geoff Shaw from the East Coast, so he has had no problems dealing with the less than stellar conditions this season has presented us with. Mug_Geoff

And lastly, your man behind the lens and the blogs, myself, with this lovely self portrait.


So if you see any of these guys on the mountain, don't be shy.  Say hello, as they are usually pretty friendly people...usually.