First Legit Contest Winner

I'm stoked to announce that the winner of our first online contest this season is Grouse Mountain local shred, Eric Behn. Congrats Eric, you and three buddies are going to spend a most likely rainy Sunday afternoon with a bunch of the Grouse Pro Team.  The weather may not be super hype, but I'm sure you're still stoked.  For those of you that didn't win, have no fear, we're working on a second contest dropping in just a couple weeks, so keep it locked on for that. In case you were wondering what the answers were, here they are.  Out of 24 entries, only 11 answered all 3 questions right.  I warned you that number 3 was going to be tricky.

  1. Chris Dufficy's big comeback part was in Forum Snowboard's True Life.  I have it on VHS if anyone of you wants to borrow it.
  2. C.R. Johnson won the 2002 US Open Big Air for skiing with a bio 1260 mute.  Everyone that entered got this one right.  I guess skiing, all around, is just too easy.  I'm joking, don't hurt me.
  3. The first resort to allow snowboarding was Suicide Six in Pomfret, Vermont, back in 1982.  A lot of you said Stratton, but the questions wasn't which major resort was the first.  Can't always trust Wikipedia!