Do You Know What Beef Is?

What is beef?  According to deceased rapper Biggie Smalls, beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep.  By that definition, it would appear that there is no such beef between the parks at Grouse Mountain and Mount Seymour.  Most likely because we're not located in east Brooklyn.  In any case, any one who knows anything about the local scene is well aware that there is, unfortunately, beef between the two mountains. It's not intermountain beef either.  It's strictly park related.  Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but when I was growing up riding, I enjoyed both Grouse and Seymour.  Yea, I went to Grouse way more often, but I got up to Seymour every now and then.  I was just stoked to ride, didn't matter where, didn't matter who had more snow, or who had a better park, or how much the food was, or whether you had to drive up or not.  A day on the hill was a day on the hill.  Now, it seems like people want to talk shit more than they want to ride.  Listening to all the drama that's going on within the local scene is like reading a script off Peak Season or the OC.  It's absolutely ridiculous.

I've heard people say "Why doesn't Grouse put in some corrugated pipe?"  Why does every park have to have the same features?  Seymour has corrugated piping set up and yes, it's super fun.  BUT! Grouse has an S-rail, and that's fun too.  They've got Nike as a park sponsor, we've got Quiksilver.  In the end though, who cares?  It's so frustrating, having to deal with all the road blocks that this situation throws up when it comes to the two parks.  You go to Seymour as a Grouse rider, you get called out.  Why?  That's absolutely retarded.  It happens at Grouse too, so don't get too smug.  Moreover, it has nothing to do with the management at either mountain.  Have you ever talked to the powers at either mountain? Nicest people ever!  It's just skewed attitudes and ignorance of the riders that ride at either mountain that lead to more drama than all of Shakespeare's plays put together.

So here's the deal.  Big props to both crews, they've both killed it this season.  Instead of talking shit, go to one of the local parks, strap in, and get creative on what's there.  There was a time, not too long ago, when having a box and a flat bar was a huge thing.  It's not about who has the most legit handrail, or the most pristine jump.  It's about doing what we do best, and that isn't dishing beef.  It's riding. If you've forgotten what having fun and just riding looks like, here are a few videos to refresh your memory.

[vimeo 3477031 500x333]

[vimeo 395460 500x333]

[vimeo 410223 500x333]

Thank you Crapneto, for keeping the fun in snowboarfunding.

Love and Peace,