Liam Casey Reviews His 2010 Surface New Lifes

As many of you may know, Liam Casey is now a Surface team rider.  As he has just gotten the 2010 Surface New Lifes, I got him to tell us what he thought. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo - Scott Titterington"]Photo - Scott Titterington[/caption]

First Impressions

My first lap on these bad boys was down Couloir Extreme above Jersey Cream Chair on Blackcomb Mountain. I was pretty nervous at first as I have never skied on rockered skis in my life and this was one of or the steepest run on blackcomb. The conditions were soft which helped and after a few turns I got into the groove and ripped the rest of the bowl. WOOO so much fun! James Anderson and I ripped down to go up Glacier Chair and headed to good ol' spanky's ladder. We ripped Ruby Bowl twice and oh boy these skis were just a treat. I did a few 180s off cliffs and airs and was amazed how well riding switch was on these babies. I remember thinking "I should have fallen by now. What's going on?" but I hadn't. I have never skied that fast switch in powder before. It was as if I was if I was on a normal groomer... suuper easy. After this we met up with Andrew Pires, Zavier Vaillancourt, and Yu Sasaki (4frnt freeride slayer). We spent the rest of the day in CBC trees and my skis were allowing me to stomp cliffs, ride pow, hop pillows better than I have ever done. The rocker and the width on these allow you to land upright and not backseat so you are in more control and comfort. just like a groomer. Anyways that was my first day. I have never skied a better ski in my life and I had a grin from ear to ear all day.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="2010 Surface New Life"][/caption]

Groomers I knew that these were going to be able to slay pow like nothing, but I was worried how riding groomers was going to be like. To my surprise, these actually ripped! I was still able to lay down fast carves all the way to the next pow run. I was very pleased.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="482" caption="Performance Spec"]Performance Spec[/caption]

Flex The flex on these is quite stiff, just the way I like it. Actually, all the Surface skis are on the stiffer side. No noodles here.


They seem to be stronger than an ox, although I haven't had many days on these guys, so time will tell I guess. I haven't heard of any issues yet with them or any other skis in the line as of yet from the Surface Skis boys or anyone else.

Overall My overall impression on these beasts is simply wow. By far the best ski I've ever had the pleasure of riding. They make pow skiing a breeze forwards and switch. The rocker makes for great landings way more often. Really a nice solid, fun, ripping ski.

If you want to check these skis out or any other Surface skis, North Shore Ski and Board on Lonsdale carries the brand. Eliel Hindert (Surface Skis rider and rep) and crew will be in Whistler January 18th at TMC shop for you to demo them out. If you can't make it on that date, send Eliel a facebook message to demo a pair and I'm sure he can hook it up as he will be in Vancouver and Whistler a lot this season.

Thanks for reading.