Oakley Night Jams 3: Cut Edition

Last night was the Oakley Night Jam. Chuck was on the mic, keeping everyone entertained, Tamo was judging snowboarders, Peter helped out with the ski side of things and everyone was throwing down. The prizes weren't being thrown out for nothing, the kids had to work for 'em, so the result was a sick little competition. If you haven't already heard, the park has been moved over to the left side of Cut and it is actually really fun. The park crew had to get creative but they've put a pretty rad setup together so check it out this week. The comp started off with tricks being called out and prizes were given for whoever could do them first. Then, the format was changed up and there were qualifiers, where the first 3 people to do the designated trick would get into finals. Next, finals were moved to the elbow kink where the finalist who did the right trick first won.

In the end, the winners were Mr. Ben Neil on the ski side of things, walking away with a new pair of Oakley Ambush goggles and Oakley sunglasses, and an underdog on the snowboard side of things, whose name I still don't know, but he fought hard for the win after turfin' it pretty hard a few times, snaking a pair of Oakley Crowbars for his efforts. All in all, it was an awesome night, one of the best night jams yet! Don't miss the next one, who knows it could be even better! Here are some shots:


Well there ya have it! Some kid even went as far as saying that Chuck was the funniest guy around. So, Chuck is officially the funniest guy out there and the park is still kickin' and better than ever, so get up the mountain as soon as you can and have a good old time!