Rainy Laps with Shaun White

With the whole public relations and media hype around the Olympics, it has been a while since some of the athletes have been able to do what they came here to do.  Last night, US National Halfpipe team rider Shaun White, coach Bud Keene and friends Gabe and Kevin came up to Grouse Mountain so that they could get back on snow after having not ridden for almost a week.  The conditions weren't too bad, the rain was there, but visibility was good, and thanks to our  new Grouse Mountain Oakley Crowbars, Chuck and I were able to see without having to deal with foggy goggles.  Stay posted for a segment introducing you to these goggles, they're sick. We got up to the top around 8pm and took a lap through the park on Cut, then head up on the Peak chair to Peak face, dropping in on some side hits.  Shaun then ducked into the skicross drop in before we cut in to Expo.  Next up was a lap around Heaven's Sake, back into Expo and a couple more runs down Peak before heading in.  The mission to get back on snow, get warmed and have some fun was a pretty big success.  Big ups to Jeff Silcock for helping us out with this one.

[caption id="attachment_3556" align="aligncenter" width="514" caption=" "]Us Olympic Shaun White[/caption]

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Sam Masih