Oakley Night Jams: Bigger Than Ever

The Oakley Night Jam is back this Friday and we're doing it bigger and better than we've done it all year/all last year/all the year before that...you get the idea.  Anyways, last time we gave away two pairs of goggles, word has it there there is more from where that came from as well as a pair of limited edition Grouse Mountain/Oakley collab Crowbars.  I've got a pair myself and they are the bomb dot com.  Remember, it's a free comp, so don't be shy and come on out, regardless of skill level.  Last night jam, the winner was a guy who had been riding for a mere 3 weeks and board slid the elbow kink in the face of some heavy competition from Grouse locals Shayan Aghourlikhani and AC Cervantes, as well as park ranger Tom Robinson.  We're all about progression and fun, so we're bringing our very own Charlie Grinnell back on the mic to keep you all entertained with his vocal cords, which, rumour has it, are insured for over a million dollars.  Anyways, long story short, be there and get some free product while having a good time.  We're gonna mix up the format a little this time so you'll want to make sure you're there for whatever crazy idea we come up with. Oh yea, and it's free, so no excuses.