Grouse Mountain Oakley Night Jams!

Last Friday, Grouse threw one of their monthly night jams. Everyone came out to welcome the new snow and the kids kept it fresh with their after bangs and sweet new manoeuvres. There were tons of Oakley prizes to be won and everyone had a great time. Callem Peake killed it snowboarding, along with skier Simon Stulberg, both winning best overall riders in their respective sports. The most inspirational rider took home a pair of Grouse Oakley collab Crowbars, so shout out to the guy who managed to slit his wrist on the downbar. Hope your doin ok! It was great to see everyone still hyped and killin it mid-March! More jams to come with the good weather, stay tuned birds! [gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="title"]

XOXO Gossip Girl