This and that; GOOD TIMES

Hey everyone! Grouse has been killing it lately, and there have been a lot of opportunities to free ride as well as hit up the Cut park and Paradise jib park. Last night, we mostly looked around for natural jibs and fun little side hits on expo. At one point, Reid Alex, Anthony Cervantes and I were riding up the Greenway Express chair. A small child decided that it would be a good idea to hop onto our chair last minute. He managed to get on half way, and we all tried to pull him up. By this point we were a little ways up, and without him saying anything, we had no idea what he was trying to do, so we held on. After about two meters, he jumped off and ducked just in time for him to miss the chair that was coming towards his head. I'm going to have to say that at the time it was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life and  thank goodness he's okay! Keep your kids on a leash! Haha, don't actually. This was one of the exciting points of the evening, as well as scoping out some fun logs and natural stalls. By 7pm, the sun was starting to set, but the snow remained slushy and fun!

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It's awesome to see everyone having fun on all the local mountains, as well as Whistler! Heres a video of one of the best days in Whistler ever! Most people switched skis for snowboards and vice versa and had one of the funniest days filming ever. Ex-Grouse locals Liam Casey, James Anderson, Spencer Watson and Ryan Belich killed it, and make sure you watch to the end to see the banger! Enjoy!

[youtube 7UTx_GGtt-o]