Jon Olsson Super Sessions

For those of you that have not heard of Jon Olsson Super Sessions or Jon Olsson for that matter..quit riding! Just kidding. But, I do hope you've heard of him. Jon Olsson is a super pro freestyle skier and racer. He's been hot on the scene for years and doesn't do too badly for himself seeing as he drives a Lambo to the hill. Anyways, several years ago Jon started his own competition called the Jon Olsson Invitational because he was fed up with formats and poorly built features of other comps. This competition has turned into JOSS. JOSS has been voted as the most prestigious freeskiing event of the season. In this competition 21 of the world’s best freeskiers and 12 of the world’s finest ski film makers work together in 7 different teams, representing 7 nations. The teams are: Sweden, Norway, Europe, Down Under, Newschoolers, USA and Canada. Each team consists of 5 people, 2 filmers, 2 pro skiers and a rookie skier. The rookie is new for this year and the only condition to classify as a rookie is that you haven´t participated in X-games before 2010.

The teams have 264 hours to let out their creativity on the features in and around Åre including urban features. The goal is to put together the most amazing and entertaining 5-minute edit. There’s a healthy cash prize and winner takes it all.

The teams’ efforts will be unveiled at the Mix Megapol Arena in front of a massive audience. This venue is somewhat of a gala night. Different nominations and awards are handed out here but instead of rewarding the best sound etc the best trick is rewarded, the most spectacular crash etc. All the 5-minute edits are shown and the judges will present the winner of JOSS 2010.

Heres Day one of 2010.

Keep it real Grouse,

Eric Beckstead