An Introduction: It's DJean!

Hi! My name's Jean Lavigne, and this season I have been chosen to be on board blogging for I'm a snowboarder and a Grouse local. I've been snowboarding since I can remember and since then I've always called Grouse home. The last four winter seasons I've spent working up Grouse as a snowboard instructor teaching kids of all ages how to shred! I live on the North Shore and when I'm not at work or schooling, you can find me up Grouse lapping the park or hunting down pow on the Olympic Chair. I normally come up alone but always meet up with the shred posse, so if you ever see me around give a shout, I'm always down to cruise. THE MORE THE MERRIER!! Something else I'm really passionate about is music, and when I'm not busy with the above, I'm either listening or finding new music. I put together mixes under the alias DJEAN, so you can look out for some bangin' mixes from me this season or from other local riders who too love to jump on the VDJ tables.

jean tail press

Look out for some edits and photos from me this season of all things awesome up Grouse, especially the park, we all know the talk about the snow this season, hopefully that pulls through because no doubt with enough the Quicksilver Park is going to be killin' it.

Make sure to get Djean on Facebook, for all updates on the music side, Here's a link to some of my older mixes, and I've got some in the works too so look out for those. Stoked to meet all the fellow park rats!

DJEAN on Soundcloud

PEACE, Jean.