Hello again

Frodo here checking in for another season of blogging with grousepark.com. I am very excited to be back and have plans to follow suit from last year and keep shooting as often as I can. The season is already shaping up nicely with Grouse having what I can honestly say, from my few years riding park, the most fun and most flowy park they have ever had. This can pretty obviously be attributed to some fresh faces on park crew and an early snowfall. If you have not been up I urge you to get up there and check out the Quiksilver Terrain Park, you won't be disappointed. Earlier this year the Lower Mainland was blessed with something it did not see at any point last year, snow in the city. I called up a few people and we decided to take advantage of this and shoot some urban rails before the snow melted. We got to work and came out with a couple of shots, here's one of Tom Mckay, setting up for a 270 out.

That's all for now, expect more soon,