Schools Out!

Hey gang, For most of you, including me, the coming up weeks are a sacred time of year. For a little over two weeks, young skiers and snowboarders get to put away their school books to shred their hearts out. It's winter break! As you probably noticed, today was especially nice out, the sun was shinning, the birds were singing, and tricks were being stomped left right and centre. When I got up to the mountain, my jaw nearly hit the ground as I did my first lap through the quicksilver park checking out all the new features that  were perfectly set up overnight. The park has variety, fluidity, perfectly set-up features, basically the sickest park I have ever seen grouse produce. Unfortunately right now I am on the injured list because two sundays ago, a certain flat rail and I weren't getting along, which resulted in three broken bones in my hand. However, I came up with my camera to get some shots with a few of my friends. I hope everyone has an awesome holiday, and get's the chance to check out the park. Big ups to the park crew and look out for an edit dropping real soon.