Think Thank's "Right Brain Left Brain"

Just picked up a copy of Think Thank's 2010 release: Right Brain Left Brain. It was one of the greatest things I've ever seen, and that's coming from a SKIER. For all you skiers out there, Think Thank is a snowboard video production company, who in my opinion, are miles ahead of anyone else (except for maybe FODT, just because they go so big) in terms of urban and creative jibbing. Think Traveling Circus and CASG on snowboards (but with more experience). It was literally mind-blowing. A wicked soundtrack, a good vibe, and riders who ALL hold it down. No filler tricks here. In short, amazing. [vimeo]

This is also the crew that Scott Stevens rides with. Best jibber out there in my opinion, two planks or one.


Though you may be being pulled in the direction of itunes movie, with the more affordable price, Think Thank's RBLB is 100% worth the 30 dollars. 2 half-an-hour discs, plus bonus features, which are also sick. And there's virtually NO talking and filler interviews, so you're paying for a full hour of golden snowboarding, which is a nice change.

Pick up a copy at your local shop or at

See you on the hill, Dylan