Happy Holidays

Hey there,  it's Jeremy here checking in for my second year of blogging with the Quiksilver Park at Grouse. I am generally regarded as a filmer, always down to shoot as long as the weather is good.  This year I'll be wearing a red jacket above black plants, fairly baggy. Feel free to say hi.  Throughout the holidays I have been taking advantage of the amazing weather we have been having for the past week.  As of  the holidays I have finally been able to get some time to ski and film enough for a decently sized edit.  The edit includes, in order of appearance Frodo, Brian Choi, Joe Mickelson, Simon Stulberg and Ben Neil (props to the huge backflip over the hip). I hope you enjoy it. As well I have been working on a RC Heli + Go Pro cam setup.  I took it up Grouse the other day, however crashed it early on causing gnarly vibrations throughout the rest of the day.  I will be getting that dialed in throughout the week so check back later for updates.

Holiday Edit from Jeremy Cox on Vimeo.

Have a good one