Dirty Stache Sunshine Sesh

Grouse Team rider Tamo Campos and the brawgs have been shreddin Grouse religiously recently, it's the spot to ride when they're not traveling around in the party van! If you haven't noticed this beast of a van in the parking lot take a closer look next time, trust me you won't miss it, its the ultimate road tripper. Even go check it out, it'll be the one with all doors open pumping Marley and if you're lucky you can hook up a Dirt special (Lucky Lager and some KD) for $4  and hang out with the bro's.

Anyways, they put together a banger edit, and it's good times.

Here's the Rusty Van blog! This site is a packed with so much good stuff (my personal favorite is their latest Interior trip edit) so stay up on it!!! www.dirtystashes.com